Commercial Contracts

Please contact us if you have a specific need and we can design and produce a customized solution just for you!

FlexiMap:FPC gen5 v1 ($200 USD, 10% discount)

Flexible printed circuit (FPC) electrodes (2x16 electrodes; 4 mm inter-electrode spacing).


  • FPC: Polyamide film with copper inlaid and gold plated channels
  • Cable: PVC, copper
  • Approximate dimensions: length: 1.8 m, FPC head width: 60 mm
  • Compatible system: unipolar passive recording systems, e.g., Biosemi (Adapters needed)

Recommended sterilization system:

  •  Low temperature sterilisation system. We recommend one of the following protocols:
    • Advanced Steralisation Products (ASP) Sterrad
    • Ethylene oxide (EtO) 

Adapter: 32 ZIF-68 SCSI

An adapter that connects a zero-insertion-force 0.5 mm pitch 32 pin connector to a HD 68 SCSI connector on a passive Biosemi recording system. One adapter is needed for each channel, up to eight adapters are needed per a 256 channel passive Biosemi system (1 adapter per 32 channels).



Laparoscopic high-resolution recording electrodes (32 electrodes)